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May 2003

Again with the site redesigning. This time i'm taking my personal stuff off and cleaning up the site a little bit. Same basic content but it should all be a bit neater and hopefully more pleasant on the eyes.

3 March 2002

I'm now back and interested in updating the site. I want a place with stuff about me and information i can find useful. I'm doing photos and my personal section. Nothing too radical, i guess i just want to expand it slowly. Hopefully it'll grow into something decent.

On a side note, i do have a nice logo and t-shirts so i guess i'm getting somewhere

22 July 2001

This website is now a fully functioning part of my stuff. It has quite a bit of stuff about Fire Bomber and the information about me and my images are growing. In the future i hope to put some more mp3s up and more photo's and information about exactly what it is i do in this world. Though its not as interesting as i may pretend.

At some point graphics may be involved in this site. A terrible thing i know, but it happens to us all. I would like a nice logo and maybe some t-shirts :)

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